The Box of Prophecy – NEW

“A lighthearted historical novel about Letty Revell, an Edwardian lady painter who inherits a mysterious box from her eccentric uncle. She and her outspoken housekeeper Mrs Cripps befriend Violet Vayne, a beautiful former music hall seeking treatment at the town’s health hydro. But all is not well in Violet’s seemingly wealthy and comfortable marriage. Plus a shadowy sect of dangerous fanatics want Letty’s box, and will use any means, including murder, to acquire it. The three women’s flight from danger takes them from the tranquil Derbyshire Dales via a Midlands music hall to ‘Below Stairs’ at one of England’s grandest country houses. But can Letty stop the sinister plot that her box threatens to unleash, whilst also rescuing Violet from her loathsome husband? An 18th century English prophetess, a shooting party and a charming young chap called Cyril are about to change Letty’s life. And possibly the whole course of European history.”

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Queen Of All Albion

It’s 1592. Eighteen year old Trinity Revell and her handsome cousin William are on the run. She’s escaping an arranged marriage to a rich but repulsive old man. He’s fleeing an unhappy affair with playwright Kit Marlowe, a failed career as a spy, and an unwise bargain with the Prince of Darkness.

Travelling incognito across the Derbyshire moors with a band of pack-horse carriers proves unexpectedly pleasant, until they are attacked by mystery assailants. Is dark haired Travis Perkin transporting something more dangerous than lead ore?  The three friends find themselves unwittingly entangled in a plot involving witches, political malcontents, and a legendary talisman once owned by the ill fated Mary Queen of Scots. Trinny and the two men she has come to care about find sanctuary at the grand country mansion of her powerful godmother, Bess of Hardwick. But as Will’s past returns to haunt him, can they prevent a shadowy conspirator from undermining the peaceful reign of Elizabeth, England’s Virgin Queen?

Real and fictional characters meet and mingle in this entertaining and humorous romp through sixteenth century England, told by a warm-hearted but obstinate Elizabethan teen, who finds Latin grammar easier to understand than love.

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